View Full Version : The Glaring Titan- you cant's escape it's gaze.

07-20-2015, 08:47 PM
A looming shadow appears above you- as you feel you are being watched. . .watch out for the stare of DEATH.

Name: The Glaring Titan

Design: A massive Q'bthulu eye, but with shadow coloring and style. Bright red pupil, with grey back ground. Shadowy ambiance around the eye, and for the eye-lids. A massive cloud of darkness is surrounding him.

Death's Gaze: - The eye charges up, and fires a massive beam of darkness at target location, dealing high sustained damage. He then can drag it around slowly, moving the are-of-effect.
Mine-the-eye: - The eye summons Mini-versions of himself that appear randomly near Trovians in the battle, After a delay, these explode dealing very high damage. While in the delay and growing, Trovians can attack them to 'defuse' them.
Summoned Shadows: - The eye summons three dark crystals, that all link to it. while linked, the Eye is slowly healed and immune to damage. Trovians must attack the crystals and destroy them in order to attack the Titan again. (These crystals would have a chance to spawn with Boss Modifications that don't involve attacking or moving- e.g- Ignite! or Meteor.)

Very Rare: "Watchful Spirit" ally. Ally gives +8% Magic Damage. +10% Maximum HP. Chance to heal and make owner invulnerable for a brief duration when attacking.
Rare: "Eye-eye" mount- simply an eye of Q'bthulu mount. Souls (Thrice to Penta.)
Uncommon: Shadow Keys, Shadow Caches , a lot of Tentacles or a lot of eyes.
Common: Eyes, Tentacles, Shadow Fragments or Shards.

07-20-2015, 08:57 PM
This seems a lot like Skylanders - that is the first thing that came to mind lol.