View Full Version : Bones, the Shadow Titan

07-20-2015, 08:44 PM
Name: Bones

Looks: Bones is a tall, two-headed skeleton with 3 arms (2 left arms and 1 right arm). He also wields a broken sword in his right hand.


Swipe - Bones swings back it's 2 left arms and then quickly swipes his arms forward dealing AoE damage and also knocking back players

Stomp - Bones stomps at the ground with one of his feet, creating a shock wave that deals AoE damage and TONS of damage to anyone directly under it's foot.

Rise - At low health, Bones creates a shadow shield protecting him from all damage and summons the undead to fight for him.

My attempt to draw "Bones" http://imgur.com/remzlKk ;)

Thank you for viewing my submission and I will take suggestions if anyone has some ;)