View Full Version : Evort, the Titan of Shade

07-20-2015, 08:39 PM
Might sound a tad OP, obviously numbers and abilities are subject to change.

Name: Evort, Titan of Shade (Yes, it's just an anagram of "Trove")

Basic Idea: Raid Boss (Takes more than a few people to take out, requires gearing). 3 stages, based on health remaining (100-76%, 75-51%, 50-0%).


Shadow Wave: Sends out a shockwave of shadow that can only be dodged by jumping over it, if a player is hit, it grants a debuff which causes players to deal 5% reduced damage. Debuff stacks up to 10 times. Happens at regular intervals throughout all stages.

Cry of the Banshee: Evort emits a loud, feral scream, dealing damage to all knocking back players within X distance and stunning them for .75 seconds. Happens randomly stage 2 onward.

Apocalypse: Evort summons four Shadow Giants from the ceiling with four different boss modifications. Happens once during stage 2 and again during stage 3.


At 100-76% health, Evort is at its weakest, sealed within a large stone statue. It attacks with a radial shockwave that can easily be dodged by jumping.

Starting at 75% health, a shadow should seep out of the statue, filling the room with a shadow cloud, creating a gravity well (weakens jumping) and a small blanket of fog to slightly hamper vision.

When brought down to 50% health, Evort is released from its stone prison, giving it the ability to move around. As its health is brought down further, its defenses increase multiplicatively, starting at 100% of its defense, ending with 150%.


Stage 1: A large hand made of radiant blocks (Think skylands for this), holding down a golden ball. The hand is what must be destroyed in stage 1. As Evort goes further towards stage 2, the hand should slowly break and the ball should crack.

Stage 2: The ball should now be cracked and shadowy particles should be leaking out. The room should be filled with a foggy shadow cloud, and as Evort moves towards stage 3, the ball should deteriorate and break altogether.

Stage 3: Evort is a being made of pure shadow. As the ball breaks, the shadow is fully released and a giant colossus which towers over players is revealed. The way I imagined it, it would be sort of like a half draconic spider like shadow, with the top half hosting a more draconic head on a humanoid torso, and the lower half being more arachnid in nature, with eight legs and an insectoid abdomen.


Evort should be silent during stage 1, save a resounding bass based noise for each shockwave. During stage two, a sound like leaking gas should be heard, and the Cry of the Banshee sound should be hellish scream of terror and aggression. In stage three, Evort should have a voice, but one that is heavily distorted and demonic-sounding.