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07-20-2015, 08:24 PM
Finally! I've always wanted to do this. My boss recommendations will follow the same kind of pattern, "Base", if you will. I will be giving Detailed Descriptions on every detail I can in this order: Full Name, Difficulty Level,Attack 1, Attack 2, Final Attack,How to kill, And Design
And Difficulty is compared to the average damage of my Shadow Titans. Which means the lowest difficulty level could Instakill a level 15. Anyways, on to the boss.
Full Name: Scorpius Tenebrarum Giganteas. A clever name. The translation's supposed to be said in reverse order, Which means Gigantic Chaotic Scorpion.
Difficulty: EXTREME.
Attack 1: Giga-Pincer Attack- Scorpius targets the players closest to his legs and clamps down ferociously on said players with one of his Pincers. Damage: 2500
Attack 2: Chaos Sting Attack- Scorpius targets the players that are attacking his head and stabs the players he can with his poisonous tail. Damage: 6500, Inflicts target with Shadow Poison, inflicting 250 damage per every 5 milliseconds for 5 seconds.
Final Attack: Shadow-Nova. This is Scorpius' Last Stand, Only using this attack when he enters a state of temporary Invincibility. He Channels All of the Shadow Energy around him to create a massive Supernova of Shadow energy that damages all players in the battle arena.
Damage: 10,000
How to Kill:I'd Suggest having the biggest party of level 40's you can put together. You'll need a party of at least 4 Melee/Close Range classes and 4 Bow/Gun/Long Range classes. The melee classes will have to attack the legs and avoid Scorpius' pincers, The long rangers will help by shooting at the Pincers when the glow, signaling an attack. When the pincers aren't attacking the melee squad, Shoot at the legs the melee squad's attacking. Eventually after attacking his legs enough, Scorpius will fall a bit and you can attack his head, His actual healthbar. After a minute He'll get back up, and change tactics. He'll begin to move, albeit a bit slowly, and use his pincers to attack the ranged ones. He'll swipe his tail at the Melee classes as an attack. This is his second phase. What do you do? The melee classes should attack the base of his tail, where it connects to his body, While the Rangers dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge the massive scorpion's pincers while shooting at the insides of his pincers when they open to attack. Keep doing this while avoiding his attacks for long enough and eventually, Scorpius' Exoskeleton will be destroyed, revealing his endoseleton, which is covered in a protective layer of Shadow energy. In this stage he's briefly invincible, You must avoid his now faster attacks and use as many healing spells as possible. This is his Last Stand mode. Evade and heal for long enough and he'll use his last resort attack. The ShadowNova. It does as described before, However, Doing this attack will not just damage you greatly, But Performing this attack will damage Scorpius Himself Greatly, So much so it begins to slowly disintegrate him. Survive until he is consumed by his own attack. All Rewards: 10000 Glim, 10000 Flux, 100000 cubits, about 10000 of every other common resource, and 2 Special Items: Scorpio Egg, and ShadoSting egg. Using Scorpio Egg unlocks the "Scorpio The Mighty" mount. Using ShadoSting egg unlocks the "ShadoSting the Deceptive" ally.
The Design should be mainly Black as Shadow, with 4 completely Dark purple sharp line-like eyes, in a shape like the following.