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07-20-2015, 07:46 PM
Umbra Aeternam, the eternal shadow

"Shadows cannot exist without light"

Unlike other shadow creatures and monsters which inhabit trove, Umbra does not originate from the shadow realm. It exists within all trovians, the weak and the powerful, always waiting, always watching.

Form 1: Mimic
Spawns weaker shadow versions of all trovians present, mimicing their current chosen class. All aggroed upon their counterpart (fae's clone will only work on it's fae counterpart)
Shadow versions scale with their counterpart's level of shadow gear
It's abilities will be based on the class it is a mimic of, making use of all their abilities with the exception of their ultimate.

Form 2: Menace
Once all mimics have been defeated, the shadows pool towards the center, forming Umbra Aeternam. Appearance of a gelatinous black blob in a vaguely humanoid form, similar to the father's true form without the eyes if you've seen fullmetal alchemist :D. Roughly 3 times the size of a regular trovian. Regular attacks are simple but effective punches.
Ability 1: Places hands on the floor in a 1 second animation before releasing a large aoe explosion of dark matter surrounding umbra, roughly 6 blocks in radius, performing knockback and draining energy to those within the blast radius. Does significant damage.

Ability 2: (relatively long cooldown) Spreads itself along the floor, becoming untargetable and dealing d/ot damage to all trovians in contact with floor. 1-2 second animation cast time of umbra disappearing and spreading across the room. Lasts for 3-5 seconds, and heals based on the amount of damage done. Reappears next to a random trovian present.

Passive ability: Each time it is attacked, chance to spawn smaller bloblets which attack nearby trovians, appearance similar to that of the tomb raiser mini minions.

So yeah, that's my idea, hope you like it. Not sure exactly how possible this is to do in trove, especially the mimic part, but yeah. Hope you like it.