View Full Version : The Starved Stalker

Low Ceiling
07-20-2015, 07:41 PM
A tall, leaner-than-skeletal creature, twisted and cracked by time and less forgiving things.

Basically, I just want to see more voxelly abominations. Let's get on that.

Notable features:
- Incredibly hunched stature
- Strange stone in chest, seems to have grown around spine
- Left arm is long, possesses three joints
- Right hand seems to be holding... something
- Abnormally large hands
- Short right leg, causing limp - DOES NOT affect speed
- Oddly wide forehead
- No lower jaw
- Missing an eye

Tactics the Starved Stalker has been observed using the following tactics:
- Starved and In Charge
The Starved Stalker pulls every Trovian within range into striking distance
- Shadow Blast
The Starved Stalker's head splits down the middle to release a blast of concentrated shadow energy
- Toxic Ticker
The Starved Stalker strikes the ground with its right hand, its old heart releasing noxious fumes in the area