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07-20-2015, 06:53 PM
LORE (unofficial)
When the Sun goddess sacrificed herself, it did caused the walls between the world of light and shadow to weaken further, creating the shadow arenas to appear all over the world and the Shadow invaders to, well, invade. But there are some monsters that are too big, and dangerous, to fully leave the shadow dimensions, and they are the most dangerous of all.

The main part looks like a giant eye with the white jaw part of the "dream monster" covering the top and bottom of the eye part. Behind the eye is a a rip through the dimensions, and it should look like a darker version of the shadow portal from when you open a shadow lock, and the particles from the stormbringer wings should be around the portal (except black) so it looks like it is trying to tear apart the fabric of spaaace (or something). There are 4 long, black, thorned tentacles with 3 sections of silver armor on it for decorations poking out from the portal. It is also floating above the ground.

It has a modified version of the gravity well ability that restricts the jump to 1, it covers the whole, and it doesn't slow down your movement speed. It also has a large damage reduction (80-90%) when it's not stunned. It also floats above the ground high enough for melee players to not be able to hit it.
Ability 1- It whips it's tentacles in front of it a few times which damages on impact, and also sheds some spikes which will try to hit far away players. It telegraphs this by stretching it's tents outwards and shaking them a bit.
Ability 2- It closes the portal and moves to a different location, and then opens the portal again somewhere against a wall and causes a large explosion. At low health, it may try to explode on top of players and hide quickly again. It will show where the worm is moving with a black and dark purple smoke.
Ability 3- Summons some baby portal creepers to fight players. They're like just normal enemies that are not very strong, appear in large numbers, and die quickly. They're just to annoy and distract you.
Ability 4- When it does it's attacks enough, it will charge a large ball of shadow and throw it on the ground. The worm will stop doing any attacks while the bomb is on the ground, and if the players hit the bomb enough, it will get launched towards the worm and puts it in a state where it can be attacked by players (no damage reduction, eye slumps towards the ground for melee classes to hit, and is stunned) for 6 seconds. If players don't attack the bomb enough, it will explode and cover the ground with a damaging shadow cloud for a few seconds, and you'll have to go through another cycle of attacks for it to do this attack again

I drew a terrible little picture in pencil on a calming light blue post-it note to show what it looks like. http://i.imgur.com/1yzp8RH.jpg