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07-20-2015, 06:45 PM
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Lore: Sephtis is the oldest shadow giant. He has grown to be quite gigantic and is now classified as a titan. Even though he has grown to gigantic sizes he is still withering away. He cannot die however, Q'bthulhu granted immortality though its quite limited. Hero's can come and slay him but a while after he will be resurrected (You cant fight him again until you change towers.) there is no confirmed way of killing him. He is missing his bottom half because after the war of dusk and dawn the sun goddess sacrifices herself but she saw the evil potential in Sephtis and tried to take him out with her but only took his bottom half. Sephtis was injured on the verge of death, Q'bthulhu saw his potential and granted him his immortality. Q'bthulhu put him in a tower where he stays and waits for the chosen ones that the Sun goddess blessed. (Inspiration lore comes from Troves Wiki.)

He is stuck in the center of the room. Too "kill' this titan you need to go for his spine kinda like LoZ Twilit Fossil Stallord. He will guard his spine so be carful. Once u knock out all spinal columns he will be left with his head at this points the minions he spawns will try to replace his spine u cant do anything to his head until you kill all the minions. If the minions get to the head just kill them like normal but once u let 4-5 replace they will become his spine again and u have to break them again but the spine will be easier to break. Once u have just his head and no minions spider legs will come from his head and he will crawl around and bash u just kill his head and the battle is won!

Spinal mode attacks:
He will try to hit u with his hands as simple as that.

His charge move is him taking both hands and charging to hit the ground with it. It will create shock waves, if u are hit your movement speed is crippled.

He will guard his spine with both hands if u try to get close he will knock u back.
At this point attack his face. (There should be jump platforms in the room.) Once u hit him a couple times he will hold his face giving u time to attack his spine. Minions will spawn to help defend after 30 secs of holding his face he will go back to his normal attacks, recommended to get rid of minions in that time.

Head attack mode:
He will skull bash u just like in Pokémon.

If you think I should add anything to this just say so!