View Full Version : Quetzallagia, the Nether Serpent Queen

07-20-2015, 06:19 PM
So I've only been playing trove for a couple days, really, but I'm finding it really enjoyable and really want to contribute to it in one way or another. Now, i don't really have much experience with creating cubified stuff at the moment (need to practice on that). Anyway, here's my Shadow titan idea as it is now:

Appearance: humongous, shadowy serpent with a pair of equally humongous feathered wings. it would have three jaws for a total of two mouths and t here would be glowing red halos behind the wings
Abilities: Ability 1) Crimson Thunder: aims the two halos towards the sky and shoots red balls of energy upward. after a few seconds, the plummet to the ground as multiple balls of energy, causing huge crimson explosions (with edge), Ability 2) Crimson Fury: uses the halos behind its wings for a devastating, wide area melee attack (similar in a way to the boomerangers boomerang (even though I haven't exactly played as the boomeranger)), Ability 3) Shadow Fire: Shoots twin streams for purple fire from its two maws, dealing decent damage and leaving those hit on fire (which lasts a bit longer than regular fire)

Any help/advice/critiques/suggestions would be really helpful.