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-Small lore.
Anubis, the lord of the Underworld, the protector of graves and the dead, God of Death. Legend has it, it was trapped and concealed in the very dungeons it guarded, over the years, Trovians faced her minions in the overworld, and saw signs of her return. As the Tombraiser felt more comfortable between Trovians she also felt the power of Anubis rising slowly. Tombraiser led himself and his powerful club of 7 legendary Trovians, only for 3 of them to come back devastated.
Tombraiser, Dracolyte and Knight gathered the following information on Anubis.

Anubis passively will rise upon your own shadow, recreating itself from you as a darker, stronger, bigger version than you, ( in teams the Shadow Titan will simply select somebody random this way there is no real preparation as to where it will spawn )

Anubis and his stages of battle consist of recreating himself from his opponents, doing this 3 times at every stage ( every time he loses 1/3 of his HP ).

His attacks consists of the corruption of the attacks of whichever class he recreates himself from.

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________________

The TombRaiser Anubis enters a Stasis mode ( invulnerable ) at which he summons one Grave Golem and constantly ( at whatever rate seems fine ) summons skeletal minions, the phase ends when all minions are killed ( strategically would be first the Grave Golem and then the minions )

As a Boomeranger his main attack consists of throwing boomerangs which does AoE damage around him ( can be evaded if you can see the boomerangs and dodge them ), and his ultimate attack consists of throwing a giant boomerang in a direction.

As a Pirate Captain, he converts himself into a cannon, hitting single target cannons, and randomly his ultimate will drop on his enemy.

As a Shadow Hunter, he will apply the Shadow Mark to all enemies, constantly hitting them with Radiant Arrow, and randomly using his ultimate on an opponent.

As an Ice Sage, he will be using the Ice Crash to constantly burst down his enemies and explode with his ultimate as he is about to die.

Candy Barbarian Anubis, he shall spin with a bigger radius of AoE damage from his Vanilla SwirlWind and randomly select an opponent to throw down the Eis-Crom Cone upon.

As a Neon Ninja his main attacks will be The Shadow Flip, considering his opponent to use the Mark of Death upon.

As a Dracolyte, he will burst down his opponents with fire as he becomes a Powerful Dragon.

Fae Trickster Anubis shares the carnage of the Glitterbomb to destroy his opponents, and combines Blink and Faerie Dance to summon fake versions of himself to be attacked ( die upon 5 hits ).

The Dark Gunslinger Anubis powers down his opponents with his Charge Shot, uses his ultimate to DPS down a single opponent.

As a Knight, he smashes down upon the hearts of his opponents, dealing damage. Randomly ultimate charging at a player to smash down upon him.

__________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

Anubis does not forgive the weak, in battle Anubis will pray upon the weakest players ( level wise, not health wise ).

Upon death, Anubis crumbles down into the sands of his Tomb, revealing his true self form and releasing small scarabs that hunt down remaining enemies ( almost harmless unless you're not paying attention ).


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I'm on the second page with no comments either. It happens. a -lot- of submissions are going to fall to the bottom of the barrel. it's just how these community-driven things work.

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Sorry mate this isn't original since this is a real Egyptian God!

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Sorry mate this isn't original since this is a real Egyptian God!

The name isn't original, the concept is.

But I named it anubis due to how the whole concept of my boss is.

And trust me, none of what is mentioned here is actually part of Egyptian History -.-

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It's just a concept idea :/ as stated in the thread.

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Lol the Tombraiser part is definitely related to his origins

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Lol the Tombraiser part is definitely related to his origins

Thanks for the feedback :D