View Full Version : Zlaies The Neon Dragon

07-20-2015, 06:01 PM
Hi Im NexusTheDragon,I have this idea for a titan that will hopefully blow your minds.

He would be a huge neon-like robotic Dragon Called Zlaies,He would look similar to the Dracolyte's dragon form but would be 3 or 5 times as big and Have neon like tetris shaped blocks on his skin that will glow blue and will also have his base color as black and would have neon blue eyes the same tier as his neon tetris like blocks on his skin,He would breathe Blue Flames,be able to charge up a Draconic Punch similar to a normal punch but makes a fire explosion upon contact,can actually fly after you and attack you if you fall of the tower to make sure the job is done,Can summon FlameDrake's as minions to fight by his side 3 at a time,and as a final attack,A huge sphere would Erupt out of his body that would suck the energy from all nearby enemies and fire a HUGE Energy Beam Called Final Neon that would stop you in your place and deal HUGE damage Kamehameha style,the more energy he sucks from nearby enemies the stronger the blast.His Drops can be Rare:-Him as a mount that can fly Uncommon:-Lv.3 Shadow Loot and Common:-Can some eye's and tentacles of Q'bthulu and some Normal Loot like Hats,Face and weapons. So I hope you like my idea and implement it in-game,my IGN is NexusTheDragon in case you're wondering and i hope to see Zlaies actually in-game,Thanks for Reading.