View Full Version : Titanic Shadow Mimic, Hoarder of Shadowy Trinkets and Baubles.... also Death.

07-20-2015, 06:00 PM
Love to see that the devs are looking to the community to come up with a new boss! Now while I'm not so sure that mine will be up to par with other fantastic ideas, but here's my take!

Everyone loves Mimics! And everyone knows exactly what these devious little pranksters are. The penultimate yes and no enemy! Hoarders of loot and noob wreckers these chests be. And be careful not to get your booty kicked whilst trying to earn theirs!

Appearance: The Titanic Shadow Mimic looks like any huge chest, oh my oh my what goodies could there be in there? There could be a bounty of items! Materials! Mounts, who knows?! Well you're certainly too eager to find out, and this Mimic is all too eager to show you!

Once you step near this conniving chest, it'll pop open and reveal itself! A giant chest full of spikes, saws, drills, is that a flamethrower?! Seems like everything inside could be a great weapon, surely not for your hands to hold, but for them to be cut off with! Spiky teeth, oh lovely, and to make things even more creepy, this Mimic's got eyes, all to joyfully watch your body be strewn about, voxel by voxel.

Abilities: This Mimic isn't fond of simply jumping at you, trying to nab you in it's shiny jaws, oh no. This beasty is much more capable than something so Vanilla. Launchers inside his maw are designed to shoot out fireballs, booby traps, all sorts of good(bad)ies! Fireballs will rain from the sky, spikes will be strewn across the ground, ice will make you slip and fall!

Ability 1 - Lay Traps.

This Mimic will lay down any and all kinds of traps you Trovians may be familiar with, and this guy can lay all different kinds! Out from his maw fireballs will fly, icicles will crash, and spike bombs will scatter the ground with.... spikes. All of this is aimed at making your day more painful, and the Mimic's much, much shorter.

Ability 2 - GET OVER HERE!

Some of you ranged folk might feel a little relaxed and casual, you don't need to worry about all of those traps while it's so occupied with all those meaty Candy Barbarians and Knights. But wait! It's got a treat just for you. A harpoon totally not inspired by a certain Kombatant with a famous quote that I have or have not shamelessly mentioned! Yes, a harpoon will fly from it's maw, impaling a not-so-close enemy of his. It will then begin to pull you in, saws and blades flailing about wildly! Better start running in the opposite direction if you don't want to get swiss cheesed!

Ability 3 - Ooooh, shiny!

What's a Mimic's favorite thing to do? To fool unsuspecting players with the false promise of treasures galore! That's what you're here for, right? FAME AND GLORY!

Well, this Mimic on occasion will happily strew about shiny black bombs, but here's the trick! These bombs, when dropped, will emit the same particles as Resplendent or Shadow items, they will also make the same(?) drop sounds! Don't get too close to these not-so-shinies, else they will blow, and you'll get a hefty amount of damage in a glorious ball of fire! Oh, and MORE TRAPS! Every detonated "item" will leave behind a trap, be it a layer of spikes, ice, even lava or plasma!


The goal of this boss was to create something that will keep you on your toes at all times, it will lay trap after trap after trap. You don't want to be lazy when fighting this guy else you'll be in a room full of death! Participation and coordination is key, try to make sure that the traps are laid out in one particular area so that you have room to move! Spread out too much and you might be looking for safety in a maze of death!