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07-20-2015, 05:58 PM
Alright, so here's my Shadow Titan design. Feel free to voice your thoughts on it!

Baneshard, Crystalline Tormentor

A bizarre creature consisting of a massive, mechanical-looking eye encased in a giant transparent crystal which is tapered at the bottom. It is held up by three pointed appendages made of smaller, floating crystals. The crystals are made of similar material to Shadow Shards (http://www.trovesaurus.com/item/crafting/shadowshard), while the eye is very similar to a Heart of Darkness (http://www.trovesaurus.com/item/crafting/shadowsoul) in coloration. Both have ornate metal frames surrounding them, as the items they are reminiscent of to do.

Special Mechanic: Curse
The Curse effect puts a purplish-black mist around afflicted players and prevents the use of abilities besides their basic attack. After a few seconds it goes away. If possible, this would also put lock icons over their abilities and invert the color of their vision during the duration of the effect.
If Curse is too obnoxious or hard to implement, it can be removed. I just thought it would be an interesting way to make my Shadow Titan unique.

The Abilities:
Baneshard's basic attack is to try to stab/crush nearby players with its leg appendages. (THIS CAN BE REMOVED IF THE BASIC ATTACK COUNTS AS AN ABILITY)
1. Unstable Gems - Baneshard lobs several small, cracked crystals at the players which explode on impact, dealing area damage and putting the Curse effect on players they hit.
2. Focused Malice - Baneshard glows, then emits a beam from its eye that sweeps across an area. Players hit by this attack take damage and are Cursed.
3. Crystal Saw - Baneshard shifts its "appendage" crystals so that they form a ring around it, then chooses a far-away player and charges towards them while spinning like a top. Any players hit during the charge receive heavy damage and knockback.

The Battle:
Baneshard normally skitters around the room, attacking players with its basic attack*. But periodically, it will stop moving and attacking and instead perform one of its abilities. Similarly to the Shadow Knight's armor that breaks as it gets hurt, Baneshard's main crystal will progressively crumble as it takes damage (the final piece to break away should be the bottom of the crystal, which Baneshard spins on when using Crystal Saw). If possible, Baneshard's attack and movement speed (as well as the delay between ability uses) should also decrease as its health depletes. On the killing blow to Baneshard, the last piece of its main crystal (the bottom) should fall off and, in typical Trove fashion, all of its other pieces should fall to the ground.

*If a basic attack counts as an ability, then Baneshard would use Unstable Gems as its basic attack.

07-23-2015, 03:23 PM
I've reworked my Shadow Titan idea so that the abilities can be used at any time and work better with existing Trove mechanics. It also no longer has any need for a unique boss room.

Any feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated!