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Eno The Insane
07-20-2015, 05:57 PM
Hi all, new person to Trove, doing schooling for game design, and I wanted to try my hand and see if the community likes some ideas. Can't find a poll button to have the bosses , so if someone knows if that's even possible, shoot me a message. Some day, ill draft up visual concepts for these guys, but for right now, text will suffice.

Blacklight Ronin
An old samurai-like warrior wielding older energy, when the neon light and shadowy darkness were one, the Blacklight Ronin is a medium-large boss with a 4x4x5 cube hitbox that functions similar to the Neon Ninja, but with extremely heavy variants of the ninja's abilities. As the fight goes, it would be important to remember that your single-target damage dealers will have to speed up or slow down depending on the damage of the AOE crowd controllers, as dropping the Ronin's health too fast might c ause multiple Lux-Warp Fields to go out, which means doubling the amount of Forbidden Swords on the field. and as always, rotate around him to your right, as his Blacklight Slash's sweetspot is on his left.

Lux-Warp field
Akin to the ninja's right-click Shadow Flip, after taking 20% of his health, the Ronin will jump into the air and vanish, re-appearing somewhere else on the battlefield and opening with his second ability, and starting his third.

Blacklight Slash
Like the ninja's Stasis Blade, the Ronin will bend down and charge a powerful attack for 1.5 seconds before warping forward a set distance. The dash has two components, his body and his sword, which will always be on his right side. Players hit by the body are knocked to the left of him, where players hit by the sword are put into stasis for three seconds. his body will deal heavy damage, but his sword will hit for much harder numbers, possibly dealing entire health bars to more lightweight targets.

Forbidden Swords
Similar to the ninja's Final Technique, the Ronin's next attacks will cause him to arc swords of energy out toward each player on the field at the time, dealing damage when they impact the ground where they were, and spawning a sentient, floating sword that will attack players and do spinning slash attacks.

A stationary, mechanical boss that will sit in the middle of the room and perform attacks omnidirectionally, with no set target as the attention of his entire pool of abilities. Intended as a defense system for unwanted invading trovians, the Vaporizer's demise would be the only method of opening the door to continue. this is a high mobility fight for melee, and a precision-movement fight for casters, as they have to dance around missiles. Of course, it all becomes extremely fast as the Matter-Eradication Field starts to spool up and requires players to be on mounts or wings constantly for those last few hectic seconds of the phase.

Missile Battery
A barrage of dark missiles from four silos on the corners of the Vaporizer that deals light damage, but it fires off a large amount that will carpet bomb the floor, causing markers to appear on the ground for each missile one second before landing. in addition to covering the field, every second one additional rocket will be fired that directly targets underneath a player. Missiles have exactly one point of health, and can be destroyed and affected by crowd control to keep them from landing, or slowing their approach to their target.

Shockwave Generator
Every four seconds, the Vaporizer will create a large shockwave that does light damage but pushes all enemies back a large distance.

Matter-Eradication Field
Every thirty seconds, the Vaporizer's Missile Battery is lowered to half it's normal amount of rockets, and Shockwave Generator is disabled entirely. two seconds of visual charging after this event, and then a large wall that extends from each side of the room, and up to the ceiling, forms with an epicenter on the Vaporizer. This wall does massive damage per second when being touched by it, and will spin around the room at an increasingly faster rate.

Hall of Mirrors
With a special room with very peculiar looking mirrors around the grand hallway, this event is activated like cursed skulls, and upon activating, will copy and spawn pitch-black NPC variants of all of the players' classes, including whatever cosmetics they may be wearing. Each NPC will have the respective abilities of the classes, however CCing abilities like the Ice Sage's ultimate will not stun or snare, but instead apply a slow for the same duration as normal. How well will you be able to fight yourself?

Abyssal Siege Engine
Arguably one of the biggest ones that will require a new room probably the size of one plot of land, the Abyssal Siege Engine is a enormous tank that will drive around what is basically an empty garage for giants and attack the players with numerous devices. Around the garage are air vents that can be used to assist people using wings, and 'boost pads' that can be walked over to provide a temporary ground movement speed buff.

The Tank itself can not be damaged by simply hitting it, there are weak points on the front in-between the plates of it's battering ram, on the top near the cannon, behind it near the bottom bumper, and on the sides where the Autoturrets are. Applying crowd control one of these points will apply it to the related part (Battering Ram, Cannon, Autoturrets, Engine(Back)), and have independent health bars that destroy the part when killed (Engine is the exception, which only adds a 50% movement and turn speed reduction for the tank when killed). the tank is dead when all health bars are depleted.

Mobility Augment
At the start of the dungeon, there will be a blue transparent screen that can be passed through that acts as a door. when players pass through the screen, they gain a +8 bonus to jump, and the ability to use attacks and abilities while mounted or flying.

Battering Ram
Every so often, the tank will turn and charge using rocket-powered thrusters instead of simply driving around, bowling through any enemies in it's path. it will only target someone on the ground with this.

Two high-speed gatling lasers sit on the Siege Engine's sides, and will lock onto a target for four or five seconds at a time, firing a barrage of highly inaccurate bullets in their direction.

Obliterator Cannon
Also known as the Mother of all Guns, the huge cannon on the top will lock onto airborne targets that are flying within it's range. after a few seconds, the cannon will fire a massive beam that will probably execute everything in it's path. The cannon has somewhat good tracking, and can catch moving targets if they are flying in one direction. the cannon's beam is persistent for 1.5 seconds, providing a hazard for flying targets.

Footnote: The Mounted Combat Station and Boost Pads may or may not be craftable at the fun factory for club use, especially if/ when PVP is available.

Will maybe make edits to add in more, but these should provide some conversation pieces for people to talk about. Hall of Mirrors isn't very original, but I figured it has to be put on the list somewhere.