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07-20-2015, 05:52 PM
Actually his name is Barreleer. But i am too tired to write that right atm.
Sorry guys. Posted this in general discussions. Delete the thread there pls. Thank you very much. But now lets go here.

So theres the contest going on and I will try to impress you by my idea. (English will not be the best.)

1 Inspiration:

First of all I thought about something mechanical. Something really large and huge. Got some inspiration from the clockwork from flyff (for those who don't know clockwork, click here (http://www.gamersglobal.de/sites/gamersglobal.de/files/galerie/3804/Screen002%20-%20Clockwork.jpg). Looking pretty hard to kill. I played flyff alot, and trust me, thats not easy to kill with 62,582,890 HP. But thats only a inspiration.

2 The "looking":

Mechanical could be a good keyword. Like something with lots of gears on (animated or unanimated, you can choose). A dark aura around this titan. The word shadow says it all. It could be like broken at some points. Rusty and old. But still shiny on other sides. Maybe 4 legs are pretty much. 3 would be interresting to see. 3 legs, Thats a pretty good idea. The arms could be like "really dark blue". With some screws coming out. Rusty aswell. The main body could look like a barrel. Whats cooler as a barrel with 3 legs? Yeah, a barrel with 3 legs and 2 heads. Drilling around. Shooting rockets out of them. Not that hard to dodge but still powerfull. Back to the arms. Knockback is pretty nice. Knockup is better. What if the titan is able to knockup you? Not that high, but still fun to watch, and pretty powerfull. Maybe shooting some little lasers? Could be doable aswell.

3 The "overthinking everything" part:

So here comes the part where I have to overthink everything. I think this could be pretty solid. A 2-3 block high and 5-8 block wide titan could be a good monster. Knocking up, pew pew lazors, rockets. All pretty sweet weapons. But I would like something more "special". Something like a D.O.T (Damage over time) or something. Like putting you into a ball, draining your HP slowly. Yeah. That would be pretty sick. Maybe healing slightly. But that could be a bad idea. I dont like healing monsters at all. Annoying. But could be a good idea. With some good drops. You are getting rewarded really god for killing self-healing monsters. Great idea. You have actually a challenge. Actually I thought again about the height. 2-3 block high. What is that game? Are we playing Minecraft? Something like 20-25 blocks. Where you have fun to fly around and doing damage. Like 40 blocks wide. That would be a real challenge. Not just a cheap little toy. Just getting rewarded.

4 Skill names and description: (Only 3 can be used, but I thought about 1 more to let you choose)

-1: 3 Laser beams

As the name says, 3 laser beams are going to get you. The titan will shoot them out of a green point in the middle of the barrel (could be his belly button aswell.)
Doing solo damage to you or the tank you are taking with you. No one-hit chance. Still doing 400-600 damage per beam. Gear up mate.

-2: Fly me to the moon

Getting knocked up isn't that funny as mentioned. Doing 700-1000 damage every 7-10 seconds could hurt pretty much. (Damage varries per uber). Having such a nice little 5 blocks high fly will give you the chance to use a flask or even equip something you forgot to equip earlier. (Fast hands are requierd aswell).

-3: Dark Aura

As I said the D.O.T. But you know what? We make it more OP. A.O.E D.O.T. (Area of effect damage over time). Sounds pretty huge. Is pretty huge. Does 300 dmg per second over 7 seconds. (Use your flasks whisely).

-4: Nuke 'em baby

What could be more nice than some nukes? Destroying some of the area you are standing on? Increasing the incoming dmg by 15% for 3 seconds? Yeah. Pretty hard. But think about: Better take more damage than having 5 heads and 7 legs. And its only 3 seconds, not the whole day. The Aura and the Nuke won't stack. That would make too much damage. Thought about it. But don't underestimate it. You still get nuked.

5 Name of the titan:

I was thinking about pretty much now. Naming it like shadow titan is too boring, You know what would be really cool? Fighting against something thats called: Old Barreleer. Nobody expects something from him. A barell. Standing out there. But suddenly, he grows 3 Legs, starting to nuke you and shooting laser beams. Much boom and many pew pew. Even if he is "old", he is very powerfull.

And now we come to the part that you are all waiting for: THE DROPS

There is the huge problem. He won't drop anything.
No just kidding.
The drops will be different from every uber-level. Like in uber-1, he will still drop shadow weps. Even twice forged shadow souls are acceptable on that uber. But the main drop will be flux. And not that low. You had to fight for it, you will get rewarded. Starting by 100-300 Flux at uber-1. Getting to like 2400 flux at uber-6. Oh. You are all questioning where the mounts are? They are right in this barrel. But you know, mounts are mounts. Drop rates are drop rates. Low drop rates are common in MMO's. I am really sorry for you. But think about riding a rocket? Riding a barrel? Riding a barrel that shoots out rockets when jumping? Sick animation. Pretty much work. If someone got some "editing" or some inspiration for mounts or something, reply on the post and I try to edit it in.

So just like:
Rare: Barrel Mount/ Rocket Mount, Triple-Penta forged souls.
Uncommon: Twice forged souls. Flux (different amounts)
Common: Shadow weapons (Level 1-3), Shadow Equipment, Ressources like 100 sharpstone ore.

Now I want to say you thanks for reading my idea. Maybe you support me, maybe you hate me. I dont play trove that long (50 Hours since release). But I think the old barreleer would be a nice opponent.

-I try to add some visual stuff here, just to let you know how he could look like!-
After some thinking about the actual stuff, I ran over this little guy. You know, I didn't do a exam in art or something so just deal with this thing. It's not even finished yet and I am looking for help. Even if my monster won't get into the game, I can atleast give it a try.
http://www11.pic-upload.de/thumb/22.07.15/ladnbg4md2q.jpg (http://www.pic-upload.de/view-27769673/Bareleer-maybe.jpg.html)

07-22-2015, 02:35 AM
#Allowed to push?

07-22-2015, 03:40 AM
Nice Idea, But 1K damage is nothing... :/ I got 70K HP on my lowest HP char.

07-22-2015, 11:10 AM
As I said, I am open to any changes. That was the dmg for Uber-3. You know, if this will roll out, it will deal more dmg on higher ubers.

Even thought about a kind of new (old) system. Inventing a system (like in other MMORPGS) that will put you together with other random people if they search for the same "raid".
Could be interessting in Trove. But then there have to be more "raids" and "inis" then.