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07-20-2015, 05:40 PM
Name: Q'bthulhu's Disciple
Name: Q'bthulhu's Acolyte

Design: Q'bthulhu's Disciple/Acolyte is a staff-wielding giant encircled by flying Eyes of Q'bthulhu. It would look akin to a shadowy version of the Ice Sage Q'bthulhu costume, and it would have a Tentacle as a staff (two tentacles, one for the top and another for the bottom, so it looks like he's grasping one long tentacle). Its "legs" would actually be writhing tentacles that can slap out and hit Trovians.

Tentacle Slap: The Shadow Titan slaps three of his tentacles at a Trovian. If it hits, the Trovian experiences a "disoriented" effect, in which his camera is darkened a bit and walkspeed is slowed.
Gazerbeam:: The Shadow Titan summons 6 eyes in front of him, creating an upside-down pentagram shape. A pentagram is then formed, connecting all of the eyes, and a laserbeam is unleashed at the location of a Trovian. Does MANY small, rapid hits, then finishes with one, large hit.
Shard of Q'bthulhu: The Shadow Titan throws a shadowy shard down onto the ground, which then forms a black hole, with writhing Q'bthulhu tentacles in the center. If a Trovian is caught in the black hole, he takes damage and slowly gets sucked into the center. If a Trovian hits a tentacle, it immediately slaps down onto him/her, dealing massive damage, and then the black hole detonates, causing even more damage to any Trovians caught inside.

Loot: This Shadow Titan would drop Eyes and Tentacles of Q'bthulhu, from amounts ranging from 1-10 eyes and 1-5 tentacles.

I hope you consider Q'bthulhu's Disciple/Q'bthulhu's Acolyte as a viable Shadow Titan for the game!

07-23-2015, 01:44 PM
Yes please... I wanna see a Q'bthulhu theme boss. A pinata doesn't quite fit as a representative of Q'bthulhu.