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07-20-2015, 04:33 PM

I have been apart of the Trove Community for a few weeks, and recently I been really wanting to share my ideas with the community. Now I know some of you may find this as "a bad idea", although keep in mind that everyone has their own opinions.

Shadow Titan =.= Definition =.= A mini boss summoned in your location you can either kill, or flee. The mob typically drops "Rare, or Legendary Loot."


Eclipse is a dark spider based class combined with a alchemist (Someone who mixes potions together to make, substances, or for environmental use.) It is known to be half spider, and half man. He used to be a common alchemist working for a potion shop nearby the Peaceful Area of Trove selling potions to friendly hero's. But some how while he was making a potion a small evil poison spider had infected him, and later on he had became a Titan. Formally their was no cure nor hope for him. To this day he is cursed, and controlled by the small spider that once bit him.


Spider Leap =.= Defensive =.= The Spider Leap is a combination of both agility, speed, and leap. The Spider Leap is supposed to allow the Titan to charge up his jumping strength while charging towards you if far away, it takes about three seconds to fully charge. In this process if he leaps on you he gives you massive knock back (120), and causes massive damage dealt (100). This is known defensive as it allows him to start a fight by countering your attacks far away if you are a Shadow Hunter, or Gun related class.

Spider Bite =.= Offensive =.= Like any regular ability all Titans must have an attack, so since he is a spider he is able to bite you. This deals a slight slowness perk for one second this can be avoided by using the dodge ability. He deals (16) damage per hit. If he hits you in a combo (three times) he heals (10) of his health. This can be avoided once again by using dodge, or ability that allows you to travel very far.

Poisar (Poi - Zar) =.= Offensive =.= This is the mega ability of the Titan. If he activates its special ability it will change into a "Mega Spider", and it will rush up to you very fast causing slowness, and poison for two seconds. Once it ends the he will spit four pieces of poison at you causing knock back to the player(s) hit. A massive attack dealing (200) damage.

Web Spit =.= Defensive =.= This is the last ability of the Titan, and the best way to tackle enemy's. The Titan turns into a medium/large spider, and spits webs at you. They deal no damage but if you get caught in them you will get stuck for 4 seconds allowing the spider to run, or attack you. The webs act like the chocolate liquid in Trove, and are somewhat hard to get out of. A way to avoid this is by dodging, or by rapidly knocking back the enemy.


Upon the Alchemist's Death he will die in a corrupted way but his good soul will be lifted. He will respond in a "Noo...." as the spiders saying, and a "Thank you..." As the Alchemists saying be default it drops potions, or supply's for potion crafting. It has a chance to drop items as well.

Relic - 3%
Legendary - 15%
Potions & Supply's - 90%
Glim - 10%


This Shadow Titan spawns mostly in corrupted biomes such as "Fae Forest", and the haunted biome I can never remember the name of :/.

(More coming soon due to having to go ;-;.)

07-20-2015, 04:35 PM
I don't think that the Trion team is looking for the next shadow giant. they're looking for an actual boss that players will need to prepare to fight.

07-20-2015, 06:07 PM
I don't think that the Trion team is looking for the next shadow giant. they're looking for an actual boss that players will need to prepare to fight.
Well it would somewhat make since since the "Shadow Giant", acts as a mini boss. But even if its not I don't mind them adding it in as a regular boss, and all.

As long as they add it in, and its really awesome then I will appreciate it :).

07-21-2015, 07:28 AM
We need more views!