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07-20-2015, 04:23 PM
Tyrannus Umbra
A massive tyrant of a beast, the twisted dark-mirror of the raptors so many Trovians enjoy rushing around on, blown to monstrous proportions. the Tyrannus Umbra would be easily three times as tall as the average Candy Barbarian, bear spikes on its skin as scales and have a very heavy, strong lower jaw - replete with lower-tusks. the Umbra would be bipedal, having only its back limbs being a strong pair of legs. Finally the beasts tail would end in the head of a devilish ax to swing hither and tither wreaking havoc and destroying blocks in its wake.

Ability One: Tyrannus Umbra breaths a gout of terrible noxious darkness, blanketing an area in Pitch-Black Night. Tyrannus Umbra gains a bonus to damage when standing in the Pitch-Black Night and can regenerate its health, while Trovians gain a debuff to their energy and health regeneration.

Ability Two: Tyrannus Umbra turns and slams its devilish tail into the earth, dealing damage in a line directly behind it and breaking blocks (if possible) in a long rent.

Ability Three: Tyrannus Umbra rears up and releases a mighty roar, stunning any Trovian near by and dealing a small amount of damage.

07-23-2015, 01:42 PM
Not very original but a good idea nonetheless. (thumbsup)