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11-18-2014, 11:10 AM
* The new Candy Barbarian class is now live!
* Candoria - the new candy biome, is now live!
* The 'New Friend Finder' has returned as the 'Insta-Grouper', although it is still experimental and may go back into the vault. This time you can turn it off by interacting with it and it prevents players who are too low level from using it in higher level adventure worlds.
* There are now 10 new Mastery Ranks.
* Modified water shader to reduce artifacts.
* Neon City now spawns the appropriate recipe lair.
* Caves have been adjusted to be more playable and ore has been adjusted to appear mostly in caves.
* Fixed crash due to alt-tabbing in fullscreen mode with the map open (in DirectX)
* Repaired some teleport-related issues in the Frontier's Gearspire lair.
* Shadow giant's wind up attacks now do much more damage
* The melee time dilation effect is now lessened as attack speed increases
* New mouse cursor!
* Tooltips are now bigger
* The hub now has new club world portals - these portals are sorted by number of props
* All glowing and metallic block recipes now use Formicite instead of Shapestone or Infinium.
* Frigga's Fjord should not generate weird floating water any more.
* Infinity frames now cost 300 Infinium (up from 250) and 30 bottles (up from 10)
* Client stability has been improved
* Plasma will now drain your energy.
* You can now see outlines of dead players' tombstones through the world
* You now craft 3 bombs at a time down from 5.
* New Neon City lair from Folly.
* New Highlands lair from Valaadus.
* New Fae Wilds lair from Zylofan.
* New Undead Hills dungeon from Uniquisher, Stedms, and Brolycia.

Edit: we missed a note about the club names. We fixed a bug in this patch which allowed for duplicate club names, if your club name had a duplicate name it now has a number or letter at the end. You can contact support@trovegame.com and they will gladly change your club name!