View Full Version : WTS The Orange Block and Full set of Alpha Crafting Benches

07-13-2015, 09:49 AM
Like the title says, I want to sell The Orange Block and Alpha Benches.

The Orange Block - 50k flux or higher offer.

Full set of benches - 160k flux or higher offer.
(Bench set consists of:
Faerie Workbench,
Frontier Workbench,
Haunted Workbench,
Highlands Workbench,
Robotic Workbench,
Dragon Crucible,
Organic Cube Converter,
Metallic Cube Converter,
Glass Cube Converter,
Glowing Cube Converter,
Formicite Workbench,
Infinium Workbench)

I will NOT sell the benches separately, only as a complete set. - SOLD

Write here or PM me in game if you are interested (IGN: Psychmon)(EU)

Everything is sold.
(i do not know how to close this thread)