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11-09-2014, 06:21 AM
Hello everyone,
I am GeneralSkykiller leader of BeastOfPast or BOP, and I'd love to invite you all to join us in this epic quest for redemption.
Well lemme tell you about

---------------------------------------------------------------OUR STORY--------------------------------------------------------------

Hundreds of years ago, a long war waged between the Kradions (present day Death Knight) and the Helions (present day members of BOP), in a mission to conquer the Trovian hills (present day Peaceful hills) . Kandos who controlled the Kradions through the Ring of Alvoz was banished a long time before the war from the Trovian kingdom for an attempt to assassinate the Royal Trovian Devs , he himself was a member of the Royal familly but not having his fists on the throne he grew insane for power, while he was on an exile he came across a evil witch Ramona who promised him the Kingdom of Trovia in exchange of the Ring of Alvoz, at first Kandos did not own the ring, he had to go through dangerous life threatening quests to come across that ring, once he did he realised its power and betrayed the witch. And so the war started. When Kandos was defeated the Helions burnt his body but being unable to destroy his soul they trapped it into the ring itself the only entity powerful enough to hold it. Not being able to burn the ring as it was itself created in fire, they buried it.

Though it has so happened that some one has found the ring, released the soul of Kandos, the Helions are returning to free the Trovian kingdom once and for all.

Join us today and help us free the land of Trovia!
We also focus on:-
1)Group Mining
2) Free build zones at our club world
3) Dungeon runs about 5 times a day
4)Sharing of equipment via group chest
5)Friendly community

If you guys are interested then just give me a whisper at /whisper Generalskykiller

And if u guys ever feel like joining other clubs don't worry, u guys can join upto 5 clubs.
Post your questions below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. :)
Thanks and hope to see you soon!!! :D