View Full Version : Selling MD S3 Rings

07-07-2015, 08:23 PM

S3 Magic Damage/Energy Regeneration Ring: 5k
S3 Magic Damage/Jump Ring: 5k
S3 Magic Damage/Stability Ring: 4k

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IGN: Tanner

07-07-2015, 09:04 PM
Tanner, I will trade my MD/MF lvl3 ring for the MD/J one, because I dont remember if I have 5kf. If yes, reserve it, im offline now

07-07-2015, 09:12 PM
Thank you for the offer, but I don't need any other rings at the moment. Let me know if you do end up wanting to buy it though, and I'll let you know if I still have it, I'm about to log out for the night myself :)