View Full Version : Grabbed Pathfinder Adventure Card Game~

06-27-2015, 05:18 AM
So this weekend i'm working a booth at Too Many Games (a retro-gaming convention in Pennsylvania) with my brother, the owner of the store. It's pretty hellish as thousands upon thousands of people are wandering through looking at your wares, stinking up the place or wearing cute cosplays. In any case, i decided to take a break and have a wander around the convention hall and what to my wandering eyes behold but THIS!:


(there are also board game stalls, as you could imagine) But yes! It's basically Pathfinder, but ground into its essence and made into a cooperative players-vs-game table-top card game, with a pirate theme! I've only just cracked the box last night (at ten, when we got home @.@;) but it seems simple enough for people who have only every played games like Dominion and Catan to understand while being in depth and strategic enough for even Veteran Tabletopers! D: On top of that, expansions are (relatively) cheap, abundant and varied.

I'd defenitly suggest this to anyone looking to start learning to Roleplay without all the worry of having to stay in character or understand where the heck your saving throws are when the black dragon spits acid on your clerics face ; . ;

Also pirates