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11-02-2014, 12:56 PM
Hey All!
Just trying to finish up my recipes! /w Xauberer in game or post here. Offering recipe for recipe or flux for each!

-Medieval Highlands-

Large Leek Sprout
Corn Bed
Tomato Bed
Watermelon Bed
Window Crossbar
Straight Planter Section
Standalone Planter
End Planter Section
Corner Planter Section
Uncommon Planter End Section
Uncommon Planter Corner Section
Straight Hedge Section
Plain Pane Window
Closed Cabinet
Left Ajar Cabinet
Right Ajar Cabinet
Standing Fountain
Artsy Easel
Simple Fish Bowl
Comfy Green Armchair
Island Sunset Painting
Sunset Egg
Connexels Game

-Desert Frontier-


-Fae Wilds-

Corner Hedge Section
Cross Hedge Section
End Hedge Section
Standalone Hedge
Hedge T-Section
Uncommon Fae Planter End Section
Standalone Fae Planter

-Undead Hills-

Plum Bed Head
Plum Bed Foot
Deathly Dormant Sculpture
Deathly Landscape Painting
Blood Moon Painting
Grasping Hand

-Neon City-

Star Bar Corner
Star Bar Straight
Star Barstool
Disblock Board


Strawberry Cow
Peppermint Table
Spearmint Table
Chocolate Strawberry Cake
Fake Cake

-Sea of Tranquility-

Smooth Sailing