View Full Version : Recipes for sale/trade

11-02-2014, 07:59 AM
I have a few recipes to trade or sell. Selling them for 50 flux each.

Sussurrating Spirit x3
Blue Dot Light x1
Ice Torch x1
Command Chair x1
Rope Tricks x1
Frosted Banner x2
Dark Jack x3
Portentous Portrait x2
Cerulean Egg x1
Frostfae Gnome x1
Proto Pipes, Vol 2 x1
Volcanic Ovum x1
Giddy Gradient x1

I'm looking for a few Dragon recipes at the moment, the ones I need are:

Lava Crystal
Dragon Crest Shield
Rock Torch
Bone Knight
Bone King
Basalt Pawn
Basalt Rook
Basalt King
Budding Volcano
Draconic Orb

IGN: Lucran, /w me in game or message here if I'm offline.