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11-01-2014, 09:39 PM
If you see a trade you really want and I'm not online in trove, you can PM me on Twitch.tv. I stream this game 5-6 days a week so I'm constantly checking my twitch account. My stream can be found at twitch.tv/sirregular

This is the list of Recipes I NEED for my collection. I'd be willing to trade 1:1 (My list of recipes I have for trade is below this list) or buy them, or trade them for whatever else you may need. my IGN is Sirregular.

planted Onion Patch
Planted Potato Patch
Corn Bed
Tomato Bed
Watermelon Bed
Window Crossbar
Straight Planter Section
Standalone Planter
End Planter Section
Corner Planter Section
Uncommon Planter End Section
Uncommon Planter COrner Section
Straight Hedge Section
Plain Pane Window
Closed Cabinet
Left Ajar Cabinet
Right Ajar Cabinet
Standing Fountain
Peaceful Artisanal Pond
Blick-a-Block Table
Artsy Easel
Simple Fish Bowl
Comfy Green Armchair
Tetric Portrait
Island Sunset Painting
Zippy Zebra
Li'l Dreamy
Candle Stand
Sunset Egg
Connexels Game


Blue Arrows

Navy Bed
Hedge Sections (Corner, End)

Ebon Gargoyle
Plum Bed
Deathly Dormant Sculpture
Creepy Clock
Imp Minion
Crypt Pedastal
Grasping Hand

Robo Beatbox
Disblock Board

Candy Cow
Strawberry Cow
Peppermint Table
Spearmint Table
Chocolate Strawberry Cake
Stand of Lollipops
Delicious Donut Box
Colossal Cupcake
Fake Cake
Model Galley
Smooth Sailing

__________________________________________________ ___________________________

This is the list of recipes I HAVE TO trade. I'd prefer not to sell them as I could potentially use them to get the recipes I still need. I hunt recipes constantly so I may get new ones, but updating all the time will be difficult, so check with me anyway. IGN - Sirregular

Abstract Forest Painting
Antique Coin
Arctic Commando Gnome
Arctic Habitat Painting
Barracks Racks
Basalt Rook
Blue Dot Light
Bone Banner
Bounteous Barrel
Budding Volcano
Busy Beehive
Cerulean Egg
Charred Bones
Charred Qubesly
Christmas Tree Snowglobe
Command Chair
Cubic Speaker
Cursed Banner
Desert Raider Gnome
Draconic Orb
Dusky Bed
Energy Ring
Eye of Mordotz
Fae Banner
Fae Nightscape Painting
Festivus Gnome
Foamy Refreshment
Forest Banner
Forest Cheq Table
Forest Gnome
Frontier Fae Gnome
Future Light Fixtures
Game Skewer

Gold Chain
Golden Throne

Hanging Icicles
Healing Altar
Highlands Railing
Ice Torch
Icy Pillar Set
Juicy Highlands Mushroom
Leafy Canopies
Meadow Knight Gnome
Mellow 'Mallow Torch

Model Castle
Model Ship Display
Mysterious Tree Stump

Ornate Wood Columns
Party Pizza
Pool Table
Proto Pipes, Vol. 2
Red Arrows
Robot Cheq Table
Robot Egg
Rope Tricks (Rope sections)
Shadowy Banner
Silver Chain
Skull Box
Sorcerous Tome
Spiry Fountain
Stone Hearth
Stormy Bed
Succicent Signage
SUspension Platform Partition
Sylvan Bed
Tasteful Tiles
Tolling Bell

Trellis Table
Trimmed Topiary
Wanted Poster
Wildwood Gnome
Woodland Lamp

11-03-2014, 07:35 AM
Updated the list with lots of new recipes I have to trade.

11-03-2014, 09:33 AM

always those multiple recipes items ;)

I got Fae Planters Vol. 1 and i need one of the two Neon Pipe recipe. Lets check if we have a match!

11-03-2014, 06:58 PM
Sure. I'll be online often the next 3 days.