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11-01-2014, 09:14 AM
I want to trade recipes flowing recipes in a 1:1 ratio. Whisper me ingame (IGN: Ignitas) or reply to this post (if I'm not online):

Read here what I offer (http://forums.trovegame.com/showthread.php?2134-Ignitas-s-Recipe-Trading-Post-%28WTT-70-recipes%29&p=11264#post11264)

Recipes I need:

Block recipes:

Metallic Dark Orange
Metallic Rust Orange
Green Glass
Red Glass

Medieval Highlands recipes:

Large Leek Sprout
Planted Carrot/Onion/Potato Patch
Corn/Tomato/Watermelon Bed
Cherry/Juniper/Maple Bonsai
Straight/End/Corner Planter Section / Standalone Planter
Uncommon Planter End/Corner Section
Straight Hedge Section
Tansu Base/Bookend A/B
Plain Pane Window
Left/Right Ajar / Closed Cabinet
Standing Fountain
Peaceful Artisanal Pond
Wood Table Side/Corner
Blick-a-Block Table
Artsy Easel
Simple Fish Bowl
Compfy Green Armchair
Tetric Portrait
Island Sunset Painting
Simple/Sliding/Paned Window
Connexels Game

Desert Frontier recipes:

Cactus Cluster Base / Tall/Medium/Short Crown

Permafrost recipes: none (all recipes collected)
Fae Wilds recipes:

Navy Bed Foot/Head
Corner/Cross/End Hedge Section
Standalone Hedge / Hedge T-Section

Undead Hills recipes:

Dusky Bed Head/Foot
Plum Bed Head/Foot
Imp Minion
Blood Moon Painting
Bone Lamp
Grasping Hand

Dragonfire Peaks recipes: none (all recipes collected)
Neon City recipes:

Disblock Board

Candystopia recipes:

Candy/Strawberry Cow
Peppermint/Spearmint Table
Chocolate Strawberry Cake
Stand of Lollipops
Candy Land Painting
Fake Cake

Sea of Tranquility recipes:

Model Galley
Smooth Sailing

I will update these list as I trade stuff or find new recipes.

11-01-2014, 09:14 AM
Recipes I have:

Block recipes:
Metallic Yellow

Decorative recipes:

Frostfae Gnome (x5)
Festivus Gnome (x4)
Arctic Habitat Painting (x4)
Green Arrows (x4)
Stormy Bed (x3)
Icy Pillar Set (x3)
Silver Chain (x3)
Basalt King (x3)
Succinct Signage (x3)
Arctic Commando Gnome (x3)
Volcanic Ovum (x2)
Frosted Banner (x2)
Convenient Caffeinator (x2)
Bone Banner (x2)
Optics-Enhanced Partition (x2)
Leafy Canopies (x2)
Bone Knight (x2)
Orange Glowy Gumdrop (x2)
Fae Nightscape Painting (x2)
Lawn Trolls (x2)
Hanging Icicles (x2)
Juicy Highlands Mushroom (x2)
Plasma Fencing
Antique Coin
Faeslinger Gnome
Pool Table
Cubic Speaker
Grandiose Piano
Energy Ring
Brass Helm
Trova Lisa
Magical Frog King
Stacked Skulls
Forest Banner
Glowering Glare Jack
Vox Mod Set
Draconic Orb
Jailbar Set
Christmas Tree Snowglobe
Robot Cheq Table
Dragonbone Throne
Coveted Candy Bowl
Purple Glowy Gumdrop
Cornerstone Cannon
Frontier Fae Gnome
Sylvan Bed
Forest Cheq Table
Giddy Gradient
Trellis Table
Spiry Fountain
Mysterious Tree Stump
Ice Torch
Bounteous Barrel
Splendid Sandcastle
Busy Beehive
Fae Knight Gnome
Pink Glowy Gumdrop
Mossy Melange
Bone Bishop
Tiki Torch
Wanted Poster
Ornate Wood Columns
Yellow Arrows
Desert Cheq Table
Trovian Babies
Model Tank
Blue Glowy Gumdrop
Bandit Gnome
Wooden Chest
Model Castle
Future Light Fixtures
Ancient Cubit
Gloom Shroom
Creepy Clock
Fae Banner
Pot of Gold
Abstract Arctic Painting
Party Pizza
Rope Tricks

11-01-2014, 02:51 PM
My shadowy banner for your yellow daikatana stand? IGN: Lizardman

11-03-2014, 11:44 AM
* Updated recipe list with a whole bunch of new recipes *

Thanks @ everyone, who has already traded with me

11-03-2014, 12:03 PM
i need stone sealed sword, ive got a few of the ones you need.