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10-30-2014, 02:19 PM
IGN: Sylvy

Looking to trade recipes I have for recipes I don't. If i'm not in game, feel free to leave a post here. I'll get back to you asap or try to catch you in game later!

- Block Recipes to trade -

- Recipes I have to trade -

'Red in the Dark' Painting
Advanced Solar Panel
Ancient Bronze Totem
Ancient Cubit
Antique Coin
Arctic Commando Gnome
Bandit Gnome
Barren Desert Sculpture
Basalt Knight
Beddy Sweepy Baby Bot
Blue Bedroll
Cactus Cluster
Christmas Tree Snowglobe
Convenient Caffeinator
Dark Jack
Desert Raider Gnome
Fae Nightscape Painting
Festivus Gnome
Finer Recliners
Forest Banner
Frosted Banner
Frostfae Gnome
Giddy Gradient
Glowering Glare Jack
Gold Chain
Golden Throne
Green Arrows
Green Glowy Gumdrop
Icy Pillar Set
Jailbar Set
Jiggly Jelly
Large Log
Model Tank
Mysterious Artifact
Mysterious Artifact
Off-The-Wall Weapons
Optics-Enhanced Partition
Orange Glowy Gumdrop
Party Pizza
Perfectly Perpendicular Platform
Red Arrows
Restroom Sign
Rope Tricks
Saloon Bar
Saloon Oil Lamp
Stack of Infinium
Stack of Shapestone
Stone Hearth
Stormy Bed
Sweepy Shroomling
Sylvan Bed
Tech Table
Techno Torch
Trolling Bell
Trovian Babies
Volcanic Ovum
Yellow Arrows

- Recipes I need -

Large Leek Sprout
Planted Carrot Patch
Planted Onion Patch
Planted Potato Patch
Corn Bed
Tomato Bed
Watermelon Bed
Four Season Bonsai
Window Crossbar
Pretty Planters, Vol. I
Pretty Planters, Vol. II
Healthy Hedges, Vol. I
Healthy Hedges, Vol. II
Mushroom Alter
Dark Mushroom Alter
Ranger Gnome
Tansu Set
Plain Pane Window
Caliber Cabinetry?
Caliber Cabinet?
Standing Fountain
Peaceful Artisanal Pond
Highlands Railings
Comfy Green Armchair
Serene Crystal
Wanted Poster
Tetric Portrait
Island Sunset Painting
Spiry Fountain
Trimmed Topiary
Succinct Signage
Zippy Zebra
Barracks Racks
Ol' Gold-on-Green
Bounteous Barrel
Candle Stand
Plain Pane Window
Cerulean Egg
Sunset Egg
Connexels Game
Stone-Sealed Sword
Frontier Fae Gnome
White Arrow
Blue Arrow
White Arrow
Navy Bed
Leafy Canopy
Hedge T-Section
Meadow Knight Gnome
Toad Stand
Ebon Gargoyle
Skull Box
Dusky Bed
Plum Bed
Model Crypt
Coffin Collection
Stormtrooper Gnome
Ghastly Trickster Gnome
Deathly Dormant Sculpture
Creepy Clock
Mossy Melange
Cursed Banner
Gloom 'Shroom
Imp Minion
Grasping Hand
Lava Crystal
Bone King
Basalt Rook
Plasma Fencing
Star Bar
Wayfaring Starseed Blossom
Roboclock Radio
Computation Unit
Yellow Neon Katana Stand
Straight Pipe Section
Corner Pipe Section
Cross Pipe Section
(Recipe: Proto Pipes, Vol. I or II?)
Disblock Board
Candy Cow
Strawberry Cow
Peppermint Table
Spearmint Table
Chocolate Strawberry Cake
Mug of Candy Canes
Stand of Lollipops
Delicious Donut Box
Fake Cake
Model Galley
Smooth Sailing

10-30-2014, 03:33 PM
<- IGN

I have:
Arctic Habitat Painting (Permafrost, Last Row, Second from the left)
Saloon Bar (Desert Frontier, First Row, Third & Fourth from the left)
Stormy Bed (Permafrost, First Row, First & Second from the right)

Also, I have the seasonal Pumpkin Head, if you want that, too. Also one recipe's worth.

I also have nearly nothing, so feel free to give me any recipes you don't want for the ones you do. Just bring multiple in case you happen to pick out one I have.

Feel free to send a tell.

10-30-2014, 04:09 PM
A bit weird, but Arctic Habitat Painting is located under Neon City for me... I don't have it though. Maybe once I do it will go in the right location.

Contacted in game!

10-30-2014, 06:54 PM
I'm in need of Purple Glowy Gumdrop and Budding Volcano... I have tons of recipes for you to look through (more than a club chest full); I'll try to catch you in game :)
IGN: Scrunchi

11-03-2014, 01:26 AM
Updated November 3rd with new recipes.

11-05-2014, 12:35 AM
Updated again. Added a new block recipe too.

11-05-2014, 12:46 AM
msg me ign exccc

11-05-2014, 06:18 PM
Updated November 5th

Linguistically Inept
11-06-2014, 04:58 PM
im interested in rope tricks

not much... but i have

Green Glass
Suspension Platform Partition (i dont actually know what this is; other than ive already unlocked it)

alternatively would you be open to selling it?

11-07-2014, 07:47 AM
I need the Metallic White. I've got Metallic Yellow, Glowing Orange, or Silver to trade with.
IGN: Lizardman

11-08-2014, 07:33 PM
Linguistically Inept,
If you're still looking to trade just send me your IGN and i'll try to contact you, or vise versa. ( IGN: Sylvy )

I know I don't have glowing orange. I'll try to contact you in game if no one else makes an offer on it (would like glowing purple or glowing pink more)

11-09-2014, 05:26 AM
Hi there,

Saw your post on my thread. Do you still have Festivus Gnome, Red and Yellow Arrows, Beddy Sweepy Baby Bot and Stone Hearth? I'll avoid making any trades before I talk to you so I'll still have which ones you need. I'll be off and on game all day today (11/9). I'm on EST, IGN Aislin331. Hope to talk you soon!

11-09-2014, 11:21 PM

Sorry about that. I tend to be away from the PC on weekends. I'll be around for most of the day after 4pm PST though. I'll make sure to save those and try to catch you tomorrow!