View Full Version : growing steed feed on request!

10-30-2014, 11:03 AM
For all of you out there who doesnt have gardening yet or dont want to bother with it im throwing out an offer! Since im nearly ax lvl on gardening ill grow your steed feed if you provide the materials needed nd all want in return is 0.5 flux per steed feed.
All i need is the following:
4 lightbulbs
2 warpseeds
1 mushroom
plus my fare, the 0.5 flux per steed feed!

Of ourse you can buy them from me if you dont feel like gathering the ongedients for 3f/steed feed too and i accept special gardeninf requests too!

I hope you like my deal, i try to help where i can!

Pm me here on the forums,wolfi
Also feel free to give me suggestions or critism