View Full Version : Grumpntug: [Official] Candy Barbarian Styles! (Subject to change!)

10-30-2014, 10:10 AM
So I've never been a REALLY big fan of this but I understand it happens. Every class we put out I see data mining like this and I'm happy to see so many people excited for the new class but please keep in mind seeing it 10000000000 feet tall in the meta forge with no head is very different than in context of correct scale in the world and other players with correct shaders,alpha, poses, type maps, and animation, etc. There's a good deal of stuff we have in mind for this guy that you don't see here.So I totally get that this will always happen and I love the enthusiasm. Just please keep in mind that this is not the end result. What it will be in game is a very different experience.

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