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05-28-2015, 07:18 AM
my user name in Trove is BobKirk, you can whisper me and ill respond if im on, also you can respond or message me on this site

if anyone has a problem with the prices, please comment, im not the best with pricing so any help is appreciated

The following items are all that i currently have, the price i am looking for to sell/trade each one is listed next to the name, but i will accept other things of equal value if that item interests me

x13 Spring pin head
x1 chilly pin head
x1 slope slider
x1 Prancing pin mount (aka party pin mount)
x5 spring recipe = 200 flux each
x7 winter recipe = 200 flux each
x2 Eggster bouncer
x2 Blue Cookiephants
x2 pink budgie buddie
x1 radiant coranora

fish i dont have:
*Wide eyed Noobfish (water)
*Dry Bones (water)
*Ancient Lavarider (lava)
*Soaring Flamefish (lava)
*Pink High Flying Cotton Candish (chocolate)
*Pressurized Gobfish (chocolate)
*Popular Poptopus (chocolate)
*Chocodile (chocolate)

*all enchanted fish

any special head style, leave the name in the comments and i will see if i need it
anything interesting that i can afford (rare/store mounts)
booster seat
fun police

05-28-2015, 10:27 AM
Will You Accept 400 Flux Plus a Twice-Forged Shadow Soul For 3 Winter Recipes :p

05-28-2015, 01:57 PM
I sell some hat styles ;)
=> Bounteous Maximus (from turktopia)
=> Winter Warden (From Santa)
=> Frigid Fiend (From Santa)
=> Resolute Redsnout (From Santa)
=> Slope Slider (From Winter)

05-28-2015, 04:59 PM
Hi, I've got a bunch of the rare fish (not soaring, drybones, or enchanteds).. I'm selling for 600f ea. You weren't online though :P