View Full Version : Atronos: Add Stair Block & Brick/Stone Look to blocks

10-28-2014, 12:40 PM
My god, the people sticking up for Trion even when it's to the detrement of the game. Cripes... Expect MORE out of the devs, not less! Yeah, I remember seeing these. Great looking. The Devs commented at the time that they wouldn't act like stairs since the smallest unit in the game is those huge blocks.Were they ever implemented in the game? They'd look great. They should be.As for the stairs, the problem, as you say, is that collision works by the block. So if you have a half-block with collision and the player gets on top of it, the model will be floating in the space above the volume occupied by the half-block, with whatever empty space between its physical upper surface and the bottom of the character model's feet. It doesn't look good, and it isn't a geometrical necessity to traverse terrain vertically, since you can climb up one block at a time just by walking.So in the end, stairs and blocks that aren't full-sized would look pretty, until someone actually moved on top of them, at which point they would look janky.

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