View Full Version : Vokteraven's WTS list. Rings, Materials, Mounts etc.

05-07-2015, 04:31 AM

Shadow Rings:

601 Physical Dmg - Jump 14** (350f)
575 Physical Dmg - Jump 14** (300f)
632 Magic Dmg* - 855 HP Regen* (400f)

Shadow Face:

(Forge 25)
244 Magic Dmg*
2566 Max HP**
764 HP Regen
23 Atk Speed** 7k Flux.

Materials and Other Stuff:

Pearl of Wisdom 700f
Pemblocks 450f
Golden Key 4kf
Chestnuts 1:3f
Twinkling Tomes 200f
Golden Seashells 2:1f
Tentacles 1:40f
Spring Pin Head 400f
Shadow Hat Max HP, HP Regen and Jumps 200f
Glacial Shards 1:1

Message me in-game or leave a reply here if I'm not here/not responding. Thanks!