View Full Version : Avarem: Done with Trove and Done with Trion

10-26-2014, 05:40 PM
I don't have all the details on this specific action, so I'm not going to reply directly to the concern of moderation (although I will say that in general on our official forums you're going to find that a lot less flies in general than on more open forums. We won't silence dissent but we do strive to keep things civil). In general if you have a problem with another player (or with us) an open forums is almost certainly the worst place to try to deal with that situation.More to your main point: Trove as a project is committed to delivering a fun and open experience. If you feel that you have been harassed as a result of how you identify please please get in touch with our support and/or mod team and we will take care of it. In addition ,our game is focused on an environment where you should feel free to express yourself and if you notice any content that makes it in game that doesn't fulfill that goal I want you to message me personally. I've always explained it internally when asked that despite our desire to use color and focus on fun our game isn't "for kids" but that it is "for everyone" (well, honestly, excluding *******s, those we try to remove). Trove is a game about self expression and no matter what your self is you should feel like you can express yourself here.

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