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10-26-2014, 06:40 AM
Hey guys,

my club and i hae so many Recipes, we don't need. So we thought that one of us could post here..
(I don't know, why me, but ok - sorry for my bad english ^.^)

I will edit the list every time, when something changes :3


Ok. Here is our list of Recipes:

Halloween - 50 Flux each

Sussurating Spirit
Succinct Signage
Stacked Skulls
Glowering Glare Jack
First Row Scarecrow

All other - 30 Flux each

Frosted Banner
Hanging Icicles
Silver Chain
Juicy Highland Mushrooms
Arctic Habitat Painting
Icy Pillar Set
Festivus Gnome
Arctic Commando Gnome
Christmas Tree Snowglobe
Stormy Bed
Optics-Enhanced Partition
Antique Coin
Frostfae Gnome
Cubic Speaker
Fae Banner
Energy Ring
Planetkiller Painting
Mellow 'Mallow Torch'

Please notice: I'm from Germany. My time zone is GMT +1!

If you need one of the recipes, please send me a PM :3