View Full Version : Selling Materials. Look inside for list.

10-25-2014, 02:31 PM
I'm looking for Flux only, saving up to buy a Pinata mount, the colorful one. I dont know prices, I'm new, so you can just offer. My IGN is VoltStar, I'll be on all day for Extra Life.

81 Bleached Bones
72 Sticky Ichor
112 Enchanted Wood
119 Bottle
795 Pumpkin
76 Fairy Dust
22 Wild Cupcake
325 Steed Feed
2 Perfect Prism
12 Somber Soul
33 Golden Soul
3000 Shapestone
1000 Formicite
300 Infinium

Again, IGN is VoltStar, I'm in game all day. PM me with offers :)