View Full Version : WTB> Assorted melee weapons and shapestone

10-24-2014, 03:34 PM
In terms of weapons I'm looking for any of the following:

Decrepit Decapitator, Possessed Blade, Bastion Builder, Blade of Prophecy, Burning Boon, Circuitious Scimitar, Colossal Champion's Key, Dark Thoughts, Devoid Destroyer, Drakkhanslaeger, Footsoldier's Footlamp, Gilded Greatmaul, Hack.n/, Half-Wit Shears, Hungering Hematomizer, Iron Render, Kin Keeper, Magnificent Macana, Molten Magmauler, Obsidian Studded-Club, Ossuary Rod, Radraver, Short Shift Shanker, Slime Slayer, Solid Gear, Steam-Powered Rotoscythe, Steampunk Slicer, Sundered Dragonsabre, Surgical Sideslasher, Thunderthone Thresher, Transient Sister, Vile Bileblade, Vox of Void, Wanderer of Worlds, Warhorns of Bloodmoon, Wraithflame

Rarity, forge, etc, does not matter to me, I will shell out whatever you desire for these.

Whisper me on Kalosyni in game, willing to trade flux and various other things for these.