View Full Version : Doc_L: Getting Trove to Work on my Mac

10-24-2014, 08:30 AM
I spent an entire month in Linux compiling and recompiling wine and different flavors of it in order to try to get Trove to work... No success. You're going to need a "Threadpool" patch if you can't get threadpooling to work natively in Wine. I used a combination of GSMT, Threadpooling, and misc. patches to finally get Trove to start and then crash displaying that it needed more cpu features. After weeks of tinkering I was not able to get Trove to successfully run in Wine, VirtualBox, VirtualMachine, etc. The only thing that even remotely worked was KVM with VGA-passthrough, giving the virtual machine complete and full access to the graphics card. To make a VERY long story short: Wine is incapable of running Trove currently. Virtual Box is inadequate as it doesn't support OpenGL 3.0, Virtual Machine similarly. The only way to run Trove without dual booting is with VGA-passthrough as far as I'm aware. Now that there's an option to use DirectX, maybe you could try that in Wine? I'm not sure if it would support the 10_0 profile Trove is currently using, but it's worth a try.

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