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09-26-2014, 01:49 PM
I finally found some time to render out my interview with Avarem from Tuesday Sept. 23, 2014.


Below is the transcript of the interview written by namat on Reddit.

Original Transcript Thread (http://www.reddit.com/r/Trove/comments/2hbsdx/spritzos_twitch_interview_with_avarem_highlights/)

Q: We're going into beta, when was the game first conceived, and when could everyone start playing?
A: Last year, November, is when we put it out the first time. There weren't mobs at first. Combat came on pretty late. The game was conceived a year before that. We were playing Minecraft. We tried a lot of ideas. I am happy with where it ended up.

Q: In terms of updates you were doing 2 a week, will you continue this in beta?
A: For now yes, eventually we will go down to one. In a certain point when we have enough content we will bring it down, we aren't going to go slow but will focus our updates more.

Q: How much content are you expecting to make available in the content store?
A: We actually added blocks to the store. We don't want to make it feel like you're wasting your time. So blocks for like 1000, we want to make it worth your time. We added Mag Rider, the Fun Police, we want to add festival pinatas, like Halloween. We're gonna keep trying stuff. Our goals are to add things that are compelling but don't want to break the game for those who don't want to spend.

Q: Does the new biome come out soon?
A: Yeah, we're gonna put it up for beta. It's kind of Tron based, it has plasma rivers and glow.

Q: Going back to the store, are you ever going to make it so users can make content that goto the store?
A: Probably not.

Q: How long will we be able to make stuff: into beta, or after release?
A: Forever, we're not gonna shut it off

Q: Mac support
A: I have played the game on a Mac.

Q: When are they going to add a better blocking ability for Knight?
A: I can see at some point in the future of working on him again. I am relatively good with him, he's a good starter class But I can see us going back.

Q: What does the future of clubs look like?
A: Things like club progression, adding more things you craft, but we're overall happy with clubs. We want to make it funner to recruit. We're adding forums soon which will be super fun.

Q: Aren't the clubs replacing homeworlds?
A: Right, there are no homeworlds. You can still build a portal to them, you can find them via lairs with random portals, so you can find them and build links.

Q: When will the beta patch be made available on Glyph?
A: Probably at some point tomorrow [Today] it will be a complete download. That won't be the final patch, we're gonna keep tweaking it, and we're opening it on Thursday.

Q: Are there plans to allow players to craft gear in game, if so will we have some direct control over stats?
A: Yes, and yes, without going into too many details

Q: What's after the Ninja class?
A: Candy barbarian is the plan.

Q: Cornerstone and inventory upgrade, when can we expect them?
A: Inventory upgrade is in, as an extra tab in your building inventory. And the cornerstone upgrade, I think that became you get up to 9000 of every primal block.

Q: Female characters?
A: Just hairstyles for now

Q: Hiring?
A: [Trion] is always hiring.

Q: Fishing?
A: I really want to see fishing. It'll be simple, throw a bobber into the water, lava. There'll be collection, weapon looks you can get, mounts from fishing.

Q: Pets.
A: Pets are in for a revamp.

Q: Why wasn't the supporter pricing continued to the 25th, as advertised?
A: That was just a miscommunication on our part. We had always planned on stopping it when we did. We just forgot to update that specific blog.

Q: Steam?
A: We'd like to be on Steam, but we're not going to be right now.

Q: Will you be accepting Voxel Fish?
A: Yes. Fish you put on the ground or use as a weapon. Also trophy fish you could capture from fishing.

Q: Will we be able to Terraform sea of tranquility?
A: They're kind of weird still, its just wading water. We might put it in to make it more real. It's something we've put off but it's something we'll get go.

Source: http://www.twitch.tv/spritzo/b/571530093

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Q: What is the Shadow world?

Would laugh.

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My question was answered. Oh and I was thinking Avarem looked familiar... he actually looks like my math teacher...