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11-12-2021, 10:18 AM
I am updating this thread with more things as I think of them.

I read the line where Paragon Levels after 1000, reset the counter to zero and start the count over.

There needs to be a system by which these number of "Paragon Rollovers" are counted, like some sort of Prestige system. Not having that would almost be a waste to the people who have banked enough time in the game to actually have that happen. I know there are players who would actually try to go for it.

Imagine farming 1000 Paragon Levels 2-3 times, without anything to show for it except for loops. It needs to be counted and displayed over the player in some way.
Actually, you should be displaying paragon levels separately like this anyway.

Feedback Points
- Individual Paragon Levels Need to take much less EXP to earn.
- There needs to be a dedicated EXP earning event or dungeon, like a "firefight mode" where you fight endlessly strengthening enemies in some sort of arena.
- There needs to be a "truly LIMITLESS" cap on Paragon levels, not just 1000.
- I would appreciate with this new EXP focused update, we get an optional full screen width experience bar, so we can more granularly track our progress.
- Paragon levels are a sort of bragging rights thing. They should be displayed to other players.

Here is an example of what I mean



Then when you get to paragon 1000, the count starts over, the EXP required to level increases by 50% (scaling multiplicatively on each "mega loop").
Then you add a roman numeral to the notation to indicate prestige.


This is just a proposal of course. There are a number of ways to do this that require very little effort to change before a launch.
- Simple UI tweaks
- EXP scaling tweaks
- A variable to track rollovers of Paragon 1000
The only issue I see is displaying current paragon level for class on UI, but honestly I think that can be figured out. Clearly you are already sending data for power rank and mastery.