View Full Version : PTS Patch Notes - 11/8/2021

11-08-2021, 06:23 PM
Additional Updates

Starting at depth 110, XP Coins can drop very rarely from Delves. These items can be consumed to give the currently active class 10,000 experience. These items cannot be traded, and if not consumed will decay if you have been offline for 3 or more hours. NOTE: This is not yet available until after the next PTS update.
From Depths 160+, slightly more Inert Geodes will drop.
From Depths 160+, on Delve floors with Shadowy Soul Vaults, slightly more Freerange Electrolytic Crystals will drop from Heavy Pressurized Chests.
From depths 160+, the chances for a boss' rare mount to drop has been slightly increased.
Primal Paragon Pinatas now drop more flux and glim than other pinatas. Additionally, these pinatas drop Veridium, Cinnabar, and Nitro-Glitterine instead of Shapestone, Formicite, and Infinium.
The Primal Paragon Pinata mount now deconstructs in to 50 Primal Paragon Pinatas.
Fixed the description of the Patron bonus for extra Hidden Effects from Polishing.
Fixed an issue that was preventing Paragon Pinatas from dropping C4 Signatory boxes.
Fixed an issue where the autopopulated ring in the Ring Polisher was not able to be Polished.
Fixed the Paragon Prestige Pinata mount to use a consistent icon in the inventory.
Fixed an issue that was causing some benches to have slightly offset titles.
Fixed a small typo in Current Consecutive Days in metrics.