View Full Version : Paragon Suggestion

11-04-2021, 02:12 PM
The paragon update is improving everyday and getting better and I just want to point out some flaws and suggest a solution to the matter.
First I want to address is the xp required to level up the paragon levels as it just takes to long and I know they made it so farming paragon levels in U10 is more quicker but then not a lot of classes are good for dungeon farming and U10 nevertheless and just decreasing the exp required for leveling up the paragon will make the loops more easily to be farmed as you would need at lot of them to get the best crystal rings possible. Another problem which is the main one I want to address is prime paragon levels. Making it so you can only get primal loops for every prime level is a bad idea and makes it less rewarding cause it's just making it harder for people to get prime loops which is gonna be the most important thing in this update cause of the rings. The rings would need a lot of loops to get the best possible crystal ring as you would need a lot of loops to get a good crystal ring then you would have to polish it over again. costing a lot of loops especially primal loops. Beside the xp decrease my suggestion to make primal loops more manageable is to make it a separate exp bar, my idea that there would be two separate xp bars one for the paragon levels that would give the player the trovian loops and other items you get from the paragon levels and another one for the prime paragon levels(Will replaced the xp bar similar to the current paragon level bar when you reach level 30.) as you would get a class specific primal loop and the pinatas for every level except for every prime paragon level. In all I just want the devs to take their time to release the update to make it as good as possible except of rushing it just for people to hate it, they should test stuff for themselves to see what's the best way it could be change it and welcome and listen to criticism and turn it to ways to make the game better as well as take as much time to make updates their best so people actually want to play the game and devs if you're reading this do your best. (and also rework shadow hunter)