View Full Version : PTS Patch Notes - 11/2/2021

11-02-2021, 05:43 PM
Additional Updates

The Light value for Signatory rings has been increased by a factor of 5. [PTS: this will not apply retroactively to existing rings]
Energy Regen will no longer appear as a stat on Signatory rings for Revenant, Pirate Captaion, Lunar Lancer, Dino Tamer, or Boomeranger.
Players no longer receive Primal Loops from these Pinatas and instead receive Primal Paragon Cubes. This also affects the additional loot roll on reaching a Prime Paragon level, but does not affect the guaranteed Primal Loop for reaching a prime Paragon Level.
Increased experience from most activities in Uber-10 adventure worlds by 10%.
Added another Dev ally, Candy Socking.