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10-29-2021, 04:54 PM
After going over and testing a lot of the new abilities and the overall system on PTS, I have to say that I'm enjoying the content this update brings. However, there's a pretty severe lack of balancing when it comes to the cost of rings, as well as the discrepancy between the power of some abilities.

---------------Paragon Loops and Polish---------------

The biggest flaw is that paragon loops are far too hard to get as the system is now, especially considering how mandatory they are. It takes an average of 6 paragon levels per 1 primal loop, which as the system is now means 18 million xp per primal loop assuming the xp needed per level stays around 3m.

Looking at the xp leaderboards shows that only around 200-300 players earned that much xp this week. That means only 200-300 players will be able to afford to polish their one ring every week, not to mention that it will take an additional 18 million xp to craft one ring. This is going to be a gate that very few players will be able to sink any reasonable amount of resources into.

I would suggest reducing the xp needed per paragon level down to a point where earning all your weekly leaderboard boxes is roughly the same amount of xp needed to polish one ring. This would mean making each paragon level take roughly 500,000 xp, which while a massive step down, will still be a major grind due to the fact that players will need to spend a ton of resources to get a good ring on every class they enjoy playing.

Alternatively, polishing a ring and crafting ring boxes could cost two different resources, because right now it will take too much time to be able to do both, if even one.

---------------Rings and Stats---------------

The drop rates for C3 and C4 rings is far too low, although with the introduction of tickets and gilded tickets the drop rate is not as bad. The greater problem comes from the fact that the abilities and stats rings will get is random.

It would be good if we could use chaos sparks to reroll the stats, and chaos flares to reroll the abilities, I feel like that would be a reasonable option to help fix any imperfect C4 ring drops a player may get, and offer additional use to the chaos sparks and flares.

---------------Pinatas and Paragon marks---------------

The paragon mark drop rate from pinatas is abysmal. This is going to become a problem similar to the diamond dragon eggs, being progression locked behind a very rare drop that is going to lock many players out of progressing through no fault of their own.

Either increase the drop rate or offer an alternate method to obtain them. They could be made craftable using some sort of combination of lunar souls, diamond dragonite, and trovian loops. Alternatively, you could grant Paragon Mark Shards at certain Paragon level milestones (like 100, 250, etc) of which you could craft a full Paragon Mark out of like 5 or so. You could also offer a Paragon Mark or a sort of Paragon Mark Shard as a reward on the leaderboards for class effort to encourage players to use a variety of classes.

Other than paragon marks, the pinata loot is more or less fine, maybe slightly bump the amount of prime loops you get on average?

---------------Polishing Abilities---------------

The class abilities vary heavily in terms of power. I see the intent behind each ability, offering a variety of defensive, offensive, and utility for each class to allow players to specialize however they want.

I have no feedback for Knight, Chloromancer, Bard, Boomeranger, Vanguard, Lunar Lancer, Neon Ninja, Tomb Raiser, or Fae Trickster. The new abilities these classes are given seem well balanced on the surface and I have not run into any issues while trying them out. The abilities on these classes are all either fun or useful to use.

The following is feedback on specific abilities for the following classes, either bugs I've come across or problems with how they're designed.

Candy Barbarian
Emergency Snack - well balanced, good ability.
So Sweet - seems redundant with Candy Barbarian's other abilities already improving his already very high atk speed, offer a damage buff or enemy debuff instead?
Spin To Win - I see the intent behind this but the actual benefit feels low, offer a movement speed boost when swirlwind is used to really amplify the speed this ability is going for.

Dragon Force - Dracolyte doesn't have any issues with getting enough allies on the field, have these two allies that are summon by the ultimate be slightly stronger than normal or not count towards the normal 6 ally cap.

Firestorm - No comment, well balanced, fun to use.

Dragonborn - Same issue as dragon force, Dracolyte doesn't need additional burnt offerings or allies summoned since having 6 out is easy. I can't really think of any changes to this ability to fix it, maybe make this burnt offering deal more damage than normal? Or summon a stronger than average ally like I suggested for Dragon Force?

Dino tamer
Oh My Dinos! - No comment, very fun to use.

Mr. Chomp Chomp - T Rex summon feels weak, could use a buff to its stats, particularly defense.

Deep Wounds - No comment, fantastic support ability for a group.

Berserk Slinger - Locking the player into only using their M1 really kills this ability, to the point where it can be considered a downgrade since you can't use flasks while waiting for it to end. Remove locking the player into M1 while it's active and it's perfect.

Lock n Load - Feels underpowered, but I see the intention of having a charge shot ready when entering a dungeon. Have this ability also increase gunslinger's movement speed while he has the charge shot ready to really amplify its intended utility of taking out dungeons faster.

Stunning Ammo - No comment, useful support for groups.

Ice Sage
Nice Ice Baby - Perfect synergy with As Cold as Ice, Love it.

As Cold as Ice - Whoo boy, this ability is... way too overpowered. The benefit it provides completely overshadows everything else in this update. The 1.4x multiplier to critical damage and critical hit is absolutely broken, especially since you'll be able to summon ice anywhere using the Nice Ice Baby ability. Needs a heavy nerf down to a 1.1x multiplier to critical damage and critical hit.

Chill Out - No comment, overshadowed by the other two abilities but is useful on its own.

Pirate Captain
All Hands on Deck - the pirate cannoneer is sorely underpowered, needs a stats buff.

AVAST YE - No comment, good upgrade.

Raiders - Feels a little weak, getting enough dubloons was never a problem for pirate. Not necessarily bad, but doesn't provide a noticeable benefit to the cap. I could see this getting used still, so maybe it just needs some time to find its best applications.

Shadow Hunter
Sneaky Traps - Underwhelming. Laying a stun trap when dodging doesn't provide any benefit that throwing a stun trap normally does. Change this to apply an increased damage debuff to enemies when they're hit by a stun trap, or maybe double the duration of the stun.

Tactical Shot - The damage buff feels low, especially for an already low damage class.

Unholy Heal - Could benefit from getting a movement speed buff on top of healing after killing a marked enemy, but not a bad defensive ability.


Speed Spears - No comment, very good ability.

Spirit Squad - No comment, fun ability.

Vengeful Storm - Isn't good. Spirit storm doesn't do enough to get any benefit out of activating it at low hp, especially with the long cooldown. Change this to give spirit spears an enemy-attracting effect, or to increase the duration of the regular spirit storm ultimate.

---------------In Summary---------------

Paragon update sounds fun, abilities are fun to mess with if not slightly unbalanced. Abilities just need a few tweaks here and there.

The amount of grind it takes to actually get and activate the effects is far too high to be able to enjoy and experiment with them.

Let us reroll stats and abilities on a ring.

The actual idea of paragon levels is fantastic, but the xp requirement is too high for how little each level gives.

Paragon marks are far too rare, they're going to be diamond dragon eggs 2.0 in terms of locking unlucky players out of the new paragon allies.

11-03-2021, 10:15 PM
Spin To Win - has +50% class bonus when active, has to be held down, you cannot jump very often with this.

Deep Wounds - the dino pet has to hit the target to apply +5% dmg debuff (like RV, and VG)

Stunning Ammo - internal cooldown and chance stops this from affecting more than one target at a time

Nice Ice Baby - annoying by itself, enemies would easily slide around in delves

As Cold as Ice - requires someone else to pay upkeep for the other ring so yours is useful