View Full Version : The Paragon Polishing System.

10-29-2021, 05:03 AM
So I like the idea and concept of the paragon system. I like the additional passives that each polish has a potential of giving. But I find a few problems here.

- So with the Ring system, considering how hard it is to collect Nitro Glitterine for a lot of players, the RNG of the rank of rings feels massively unrewarding. This will be a repeating issue about a massive drain on resources with little to no positive payout.

- THE POLISHING BUFFS SHOULD BE A PERMANENT FEATURE! I will not shut up about this, I am not interested in getting the new rings if it means I *MUST* always have to remember to polish the rings to make sure the buff remains active. This will be a total waste of resources, especially when you consider the resource overlap between trying to attain crystal 3 to 4 gear.