View Full Version : Paragon Feedback

10-28-2021, 05:49 PM
After some examinations on the pts I would like to give my opinion on the paragon, it's a great idea in my opinion, having infinite levels so you will always have something to do and new rings that give extra power rank as well as modifies abilities so it brings more fun to the classes and bring some classes higher in the ranks and all I think this was a good idea but, it was executed horribly, first is the paragon levels takes up to 3 mill just to level it up once and there will be gaps in the prime levels which makes super inconsistent and just why? The second problem is RNG, as people, many people have a difficult time just to get a crystal 3 or 4 ring which is gonna be stressful specially when resources is gonna be very scarce and time consuming to get. The Next problem is the ability modifiers since the materials are not really gonna be that common you would at least get your times worth with the abilities but some abilities are good, others are just meh and a majority are just bad like the shadow hunters in which every ability modifier is completely trash and useless either cause it's just a bad modifier or it just doesn't fit with it's play style and the abilities you get are just completely random. The stuff you can craft are just way to expensive and not worth it since probably no one is gonna use them. Another problem that a youtuber explained was that the modifiers are just unnecessary cause your already strong enough in u10 already. And the merchant is just why?

My solution to fixing this is: Less exp for the paragon levels and remove the gaps between the prime levels, increase the rng for the rings, rework some of the modifiers (especially the shadow hunter),Make it so you can choose the modifiers except for it being completely random, at least nerf the merchant because it super expensive and the craftable items in the workbench, and maybe add a extra few uber difficulty like uber 11/12.