View Full Version : we need mods on tove for switch

08-26-2021, 01:54 PM
the switch community for trove is getting worse there is a lot people want online date people spamming in global chat if this game don't get any mods right now this really getting really bad right now.

11-18-2021, 12:35 PM
:( Yeah, the fact switch doesn't have chat mods is a real issue, i'm pretty sure there has been some abuse on global. Mazie just never stops trying to date, and some people have been spamming the following: [img:Currency_TWP,h: (rather not say),w: (again rather not say, global has enough chat clearers already)][HK:None] I wouldn't mind if I became a mod, or someone that doesn't spam or try to date, or any of the issue players.