View Full Version : Delve biome and boss accessibility: Why pick just one method?

02-09-2021, 09:53 PM
I'm disappointed to see that the new biome only exists inside dedicated portals. I don't think you can ever have too much variety. The fact that some delve bosses are only available inside certain portals and now an entire biome is only inside special portals comes off as a real waste of assets to me. Ideally private delve portals would be capable of spawning any boss and any biome whilst every biome and boss also has a unique portal designed to allow for farming that specific thing continuously. Instead of being consistently accessible a lot of things are one or the other - This should stop happening and get reversed in the places it's currently taking place.

The perfect delve biome is volcanic vaults. It appears in all it's glory within private delves and we have easy access to a portal which will open a modified private delve generating non-stop volcanic vaults biomes - Leading to a less agonizing grind for any mementos desired tied to that biome

The biggest offender is corners of q'bthulu's realm, being extremely irritating to find and having no dedicated portals to get around it.

Please add:

- Biome portals for every delve biome that work exactly the way the current volcanic vaults one does

- Alterations for the other delve biome portals such as understacks to make them more like the volcaninc vaults dedicated portals

- Hydra and Flakbeard as bosses in random delves

- The new Crash the Court biome in random delves with all of it's features

I'm confident the end result would leave players much more satisfied with delves as a whole