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02-09-2021, 08:47 AM
PTS Patch Notes - Crash the Court

Crash the Court Delve Biome

A new biome has been added to delves!
Called Crash the Court, this biome is based on the Fae Wilds biome.
2 new mounts, 3 new allies, 3 new banner styles, and 10 new mementos can be found in this biome.
A “spiderboss” matchmaker is initially available for a limited purchase from the delve hub merchant.
”Spiderboss,” “King,” and “Queen” matchmakers are available as rare drops from the delve lockbox.
Once the momentos for these bosses are unlocked, these matchmakers can be crafted on Fae Fridays (all Fridays are Fae Fridays) under the “Daily Memento Gateways” section of the Delve Workbench.
Minibosses – a new Delve objective type, pitting Trovians against a single, beefed-up enemy – can appear exclusively (for now) in the Crash the Court biome.


Hovercycles have been added as new mounts from Leviathans.
Each Geode Topside Leviathan drops one of the hovercycle recipes. These recipes are not available from Leviathans in delves.
Crafting a hovercycle requires a weekly torch from that Leviathan along with other materials.

Additional Updates

Increased the darkness of delves around depth 170 and deeper.
Mod creators can now have their mods persist settings between sessions. To access saving the data the mod will need to know its designation (revealed with the "/mods listconfig") command. Then up to 1000 bytes of information across many variables can be saved with the "SaveModConfiguration <designation> <attr> <value>" command. When a page is loaded up, the loadModConfiguration function will be called once for each attribute value pair saved with that page's mod. The slash command "/mods resetconfig" can be used to remove all attribute value pairs saved with any particular mod.
Mementos have their appearances updated. Daily Memento Gateways have had their item images updated to match.
/club list should no longer crash the client
Collection tooltips will no longer fly off the top of the screen at odd window sizes-
Added several new deltaliths to delves: Flak Bombardment, Spike Covered, and Chain Death.
Delves with crystal gathering objectives now require less crystals.
Added several new rooms to delves.
Fixed some lighting issues that could appear in delves.
Removed mastery from some mounts and allies that should not be available yet.
Corrected typo in collections, item that was listed as "Captains Quarry" has been corrected to "Captain's Quarry".