View Full Version : Selling allies and other items

03-26-2015, 12:25 PM
my user name in Trove is BobKirk, you can whisper me and ill respond if im on, also you can respond or message me on this site
if anyone has a problem with the prices, please comment, im not the best with pricing so any help is appreciated

The following allies, items are all that i currently have, the price i am looking for to sell each one is listed next to the name, but i will accept other things of equal value if that item interests me

blue raptor (300 flux)
smokey strider (300 flux)
builder quelby (300 flux)
one of the robots (300 flux)
buddy bobcat (300 flux)
a cat that i dont remember the name (300 flux)

Other items:
Spring pin head (1000, 1k, flux)
15 tentacles of quibluth (however much they are worth)